Why choose MF PLAST SERV?

If you choose to collaborate with us, you will benefit from:

Handing over a wide range of waste to a single collector.

We offer a variety of solutions for the collection and recycling of all types of waste having the advantage of solving the problem of waste with minimum effort and bureaucracy.

Optimal storage of waste until collection.

We provide storage equipment adapted to your needs, compatible with the waste you generate, reducing handling costs and saving space.

Personalized price offer.

We are not followers of the fixed price list, we personalize each offer and collaboration in part because no one company is identical to another.

Optimizing the waste management activity within your company.

We have a large and varied car fleet that can respond promptly to waste collection requests, as well as automated and GPS-equipped storage equipment. Human factor intervention is considerably minimized by saving human and financial resources.

Meeting the recycling objectives according to the law.

We offer recovery services through recycling of packaging waste by recycling in our own facilities or ensuring traceability to recyclers.

Clearly highlight the delivered waste.

We have a detailed database and qualified personnel that ensures its constant updating.

Immediate availability for the start of the collaboration.

We respond promptly to all requests for collaboration by drawing up detailed offers and draft contracts tailored to your requirements and needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us by calling the telephone number displayed or by filling in the contact form!

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