Who are we?


Set up in 2006, S.C. MF PLAST SERV SRL, functioned permanently, making itself known on the national market but mostly the international one by the quality of its products performed according to the demands of the market, answering the customers’ demands by obeying contractual claims regarding quality, efficiency and professionalism.

What we do

Recycling plastic materials
Possibility of taking all types of waste

From monofibres and polystyrene to old wood, we take away any material and waste.

Reducing the costs with domestic garbage

We can offer you solutions to reduce your household waste.

Offering a solution for all types of waste

We offer a wide variety of solutions for waste and other materials.

Efficiency in waste management

We offer solutions for waste management in relation to nature protection laws.

Friend with the nature


MF PLAST SERV specializes in the recycling of plastics, wood and household waste. By recycling materials, pollutants are reduced in nature.

Why to choose us

Trained staff

Our staff is properly trained for sorting, recycling, grinding and regranulating activities.

Quality and professionalism

In the spirit of the tradition of MF PLAST, the place in the hierarchy is our major concern, but the quality and professionalism of the services offered to our clients.

Variety of recycled materials

We have the necessary logistics to provide the highest quality services in the field of collection and recycling of plastic, cardboard, wood and textile waste.

Waste solutions

We offer solutions for the waste generated and solve waste problems at no cost to our customers, compared to standard environmental standards.

Our mission

What is recycling?


A simple and meaningful definition of recycling is the process of decomposing and reusing materials that would otherwise be dumped and lost. By recycling, the growth of waste can stop, which not only massively pollutes the environment but also creates a desolate image of the cities. Also, the natural resources of Earth are preserved through recycling. Also having a base material that can be reused, we reduce the costs of material production.

Protected nature

Energy consumption, gas emissions and other pollutants are reduced and the environment is preserved.

Reused materials

By recycling, the materials are reused, thus reducing production costs and other raw material costs.


Recycling reduces the disposal of garbage and other polluting materials in nature or in towns and cities.

Recycle together

Recycling is an easy-to-learn activity, and you can help the nature and others by reusing materials.

Some of recycled materials

Our company recycles various materials, from monofibres to old wood.

MONOFIBERS (monofilament fibers)

Resistant to mechanical shocks, acids, organic solvents, UV light, monofilament fibers find their utility in the automobile (filters, insulations), electrical, plastic and textile industry.

PA (Polyamide)

Material of various colors with high stiffness and strength, it is used in manufacturing a wide range of products, from automobiles (belts, filters and other components) to the surgical thread, string for musical instruments, wires, nets and even clothing or toothbrushes.

PS (Polystyrene)

It is used in manufacturing of cutlery and disposable plastic tableware, CD cases, scale models kits and many other items that require a type of rigid and economic plastic. It is also widely used in construction, is a very good insulator.

Recycled wood

Wood recycling protects the environment by reducing demand for wood, metals and plastics, avoiding large waste of woods being dumped and reducing carbon emissions associated with furniture manufacturing.

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